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  • Explore Temperature Play

    Glass retains temperature beautifully, making switching up the feel of your toy an easy way to keep yourself or your partner on their toes. Pop your toy in a warm bowl of water or in the freezer for a few hours and bring yourself to new highs. Thank us later.

  • Enhanced Feeling

    For anybody that prefers it hard.

    Glass toys feel substantial. Our toys offer a full, firm, and weighty feeling in contrast to other materials, giving you that much more sensation. This also makes them super easy to handle.

  • Non-Porous & Clean

    With proper care, your glass toys can last a lifetime! A true love story. 

    Just simply wash with soap and water after use and you’re good to go. One reminder – don’t expose it to extreme temperatures to prevent breaking.

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Luxury Sex Toys For All

Each unique, hand-sculpted glass toy is made with care in our independently-owned glassblowing studio in Niagara Falls, Canada. Our glass toys come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes and are fully customizable – making each experience truly your own.


Work it Hotter with Toys That Are…

❤️Compatible with any type of lubricant 

❤️As quiet as it gets

❤️Smooth in feel

❤️Handmade with love and completely unique – no two are the same

We’re just waiting to become favourites in your collection.